Wayne Dalton’s First Rolling Steel Storm Shelter Door Series Safeguards Against a Variety of Hazards

Wayne Dalton’s first-ever commercial rolling steel storm shelter door series include three models that offer durability, safety and peace-of-mind.

Wayne Dalton® introduces new commercial Rolling Steel Storm Shelter Doors, which are designed to meet rigorous standards for inclement weather conditions, fires, and break-ins. With three models available, the Rolling Steel Storm Shelter Door series provides schools, emergency operations centers, storefronts, saferooms, and other commercial facilities with a proactive solution for unwanted emergencies. As the first line of defense in protecting your most valuable assets and loved ones, these doors offer peace of mind when the unexpected occurs.

“Our customers’ needs, and safety have always been a top priority for us,” Moses Colunga, product manager at Wayne Dalton®, said. “We are proud to continue serving them with cutting-edge solutions that streamline and support their livelihoods.”

Built with powerful 12-gauge curved slats and free-interlocking joints, Wayne Dalton’s Rolling Steel Storm Shelter Doors feature a natural watershed to reduce corrosion and easy articulation when the door coils. A robust double-angle bottom bar fortifies the door’s strength and provides extra protection against forced entry. 

Wayne Dalton’s Rolling Steel Storm Shelter Doors meet the highest safety and shelter standards. Model 800F and Model 800FR are optimal solutions for storm shelters, emergency operation centers, and schools. They have been structurally wind load design pressure tested to +/- 300 psf and are impact-rated for up to 100 mph. Model 800FR is also fire-rated for up to four hours, bears the Warnock Hersey mark for fire safety, and comes standard with a Genie® GCL-H Fire Door operator with a fuse link mechanism for a drop-on alarm and integration into a single push button activation system.

Model 800FE is not only ballistics-rated for .22LR – .38 special (NIJ 0108.01) but also meets the requirements for up to 30 minutes of forced entry per ASTM F3038-21. With the ability to withstand exacting commercial requirements, Model 800FE is ideal for saferooms, schools, and storefronts.

Invest in Wayne Dalton’s Rolling Steel Storm Shelter Doors for reliable and durable protection against unwanted emergencies. For more information regarding the Rolling Steel Shelter Door series, visit wayne-dalton.com.  

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