Overhead Door™ Brand Provides Shelter and Safety with the Launch of the EverGuard™ Series

The company’s first line of commercial rolling steel storm shelter doors each offer specific benefits tailored to tornado resistance, fire-rated protection or advanced security.

The Overhead Door™ Brand, a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial door solutions, has launched the EverGuard™ Rolling Steel Storm Shelter Doors to provide unparalleled protection for schools, emergency operations centers, storefronts, saferooms and other facilities against severe weather, fires and forced entry. The EverGuard™ series is designed to meet stringent design standards relative to safety and shelter, ensuring that these buildings are protected in times of emergency.

“Our doors are more than just a barrier; they are a lifeline in times of emergency,” Overhead Door™ Brand Product Manager Moses Colunga said. “The EverGuard™ series has been engineered to provide the ultimate protection for people and property. We’re proud to offer a solution that can deliver peace of mind and have a significant impact on the lives of our customers.”

The Overhead Door™ Rolling Steel Storm Shelter Doors feature heavy-duty 12-gauge curved slats that provide a natural watershed and help reduce corrosion. The curved slats are designed with free-acting interlocking joints that permit easy articulation when the door coils. They also include a powerful double-angle bottom bar that reinforces the door’s structural integrity and helps prevent unwanted entry. A spring barrel encases the counterbalance mechanism and provides the axis around which the curtain coils. These doors come with either an Overhead Door RSX® Fire Door or RHX® Service Door operator. 

Ideal for storm shelters, emergency operations centers and schools, Model 610F and Model 610FR have been structural wind load design pressure tested to +/- 300 psf and are impact-rated for up to 100 mph, meeting the high safety and shelter standards. Model 610FR is fire-rated for up to four hours and bears the Warnock Hersey mark for fire safety. Model 610FE is ballistics-rated for .22LR – .38 special (NIJ 0108.01) and meets the requirements for up to 30 minutes of forced entry per ASTM F3038-21, withstanding the demanding commercial requirements for saferooms, schools and storefronts.

For more information regarding the EverGuard™ Rolling Steel Storm Shelter Doors, please visit www.overheaddoor.com

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