Overhead Door™ Brand Earns Women’s Choice Award® for ‘America’s Most Recommended Garage Door Brand’ 11 Years in a Row

Thousands of women recommend Overhead DoorBrand to friends and family, according to a national survey conducted by WomenCertified Inc ®

Overhead Door Brand, a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial door solutions, has earned the 2022 Women’s Choice Award® by WomenCertified Inc® for ‘America’s Most Recommended Garage Door Brand’ for the 11th consecutive year. The prestigious honor recognizes the products and services most recommended by female consumers and is based on the results of a national survey distributed to up to 200,000 women.

“The Women’s Choice Award has recognized Overhead Door Brand with the highest honor in the garage door category every year for more than a decade,” said Christian Morrow, Senior Brand Marketing Manager for Overhead Door Brand. “Since its inception more than 100 years ago, Overhead Door Brand has continued to set the standards for high-quality garage door solutions and best-in-class customer service. This recognition exemplifies our ability to consistently and successfully resonate with the ever-changing consumer landscape and our largest customer base — female homeowners.”

Delia Passi, founder and CEO of the Women’s Choice Award says, “With so many choices in the marketplace today, the Women’s Choice Award serves as a trusted endorsement and visual beacon of empowerment for women, simplifying her purchase decisions. When she sees the Women’s Choice Award seal it provides an unparalleled level of trust and validation, putting her mind at ease- and that’s priceless. We congratulate Overhead Door Brand for their focus on delivering a superior experience to their female consumers.”

For more than a decade, products and services that earn the Women’s Choice Award designation have been touted for their achievement as being the most recommended in their category. As customer endorsements are the pinnacle for determining true brand loyalty and love, the Women’s Choice Award is a powerful indicator of a brand’s commitment to their customers and to empowering women to make the best consumer choices for themselves and their household.

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About the Overhead Door™ brand

Overhead Door brand, a brand of Overhead Door Corporation, has been one of the most trusted for garage doors and garage door openers in North America for 100 years. Through its dedicated network of more than 450 Overhead Door Distributors – which operate across the country under “Overhead Door Company” trade names – that provide superior service and expertise to consumers, the brand is easily recognized by its iconic Red Ribbon logo and “The Genuine. The Original.” slogan. For additional information, visit overheaddoor.com.

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About WomenCertified Inc.® 

WomenCertified Inc., home of the Women’s Choice Award sets the standard for helping women to make smarter consumer and healthcare choices. The company and its awards identify the brands, products and services that are most recommended and trusted by women. Additionally, they recognize those that deliver a recommendation-worthy customer experience. Awards are based on surveys of thousands of women, as well as research conducted in partnership with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. As the trusted referral source for women, WomenCertified Inc.,  created the Women’s Choice Award as the first national award based on the ratings and preferences of women. Visit the official website at www.WomensChoiceAward.com to learn more.