How Social Media Has Kept the KarJenners on Top

Whether you love them or hate them, the KarJenners (Kardashians and Jenners) are, without a doubt, the most famous family in 2019.

Before social media was king, the sisters were pros at keeping themselves in the spotlight, but as social continuously dominates the media – and frankly, our lives – they’ve become simply unstoppable. The reality TV stars turned beauty, and fashion moguls are featured in the press daily and have learned a thing or two about driving the conversation via social media in the digital age. With social media, they have kept their names and brands relevant for more than a decade and have provided themselves with an income stream that doesn’t seem to be drying up anytime soon.

How are they making this happen?

KarJenners: They’re Just Like Us!

Despite their fame and fortune, the KarJenners have somehow managed to master the art of appearing relatable. No matter who is watching their TV show(s) or following them on social media, there are situations and a sister that may be going through something similar in the life of a regular plebeian. Through sharing the good, the bad and the ugly (we’re looking at you Tristan Thompson), the sisters have cultivated a relationship with their audience in which the fans feel as though they truly know them.

They control the conversation.

From cheating scandals and rumors about Khloe Kardashian being O.J. Simpson’s daughter to Kim now being a lawyer and Kylie’s hidden pregnancy, there’s always a purpose, and this is not by mistake!

Step 1: As news unfolds in real life, we see the sisters posting cryptic tweets and Instagram stories and get to hear their public take on whatever is happening.

Step 2: We patiently wait for the behind-the-scenes details that we know will appear in the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This step allows us to feel like we’re sitting at the kitchen table with them and ties back to the sisters being relatable as we learn about the news from the inside.

Step 3: After episodes air, the sisters take to their social media channels to discuss what we saw in the episode. We learn if they’re still feuding, what they thought about someone else’s outfit and they take time to clarify any information that may have come off differently than intended.

Right now, the world is scrambling to figure out if Kim included a teddy bear emoji in a couple of posts about her newborn mean that the baby’s name will be Teddy or Bear West.

They control their online image.

The sister leading the pack on social media is Kim Kardashian West, who currently has 138 million followers. Youngest sister Kylie Jenner is right behind her with 135 million followers.

Each of their Instagram accounts is carefully crafted albums that perfectly illustrate their personal brand. Because of how frequently they post and the quality of their images, they’re often the photos used in the press as well, effectively giving the PR powerhouses total control over what they look like in the media.

These women, “talentless” as they may be, are brilliant social marketers for themselves and their brands. Whether it’s launching a new beauty product, a smartphone app or a line of clothing, there’s always something new coming from the Kardashians, making them impossible to dismiss.