Weekly Rewind: Our favorite stories from around the web

Untitled design (14)Although every hard-working person out there can’t wait for the weekend to roll around (us included), it’s important to love what you do on a daily basis.

Here are a few reasons why we have so much #joblove for public relations.

Happy Friday!

Reason #1: Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are integral to our industry, and we depend on them daily as viable news platforms to share content and measure engagement. In a limited number of characters, you can create concise, to-the-point messages tailored to a chosen audience.

On that note, if you would like a bit more context, Metro’s article can explain more.

Reason #2: Storytelling is Fun

As PR pros, we are writers at heart. It’s always exciting to strategize ways to best tell your client’s story, whether it be a new product launch, company update or a news-breaking announcement. For those of you who love to write, public relations might be the career for you.

Here are 14 elements you need to include to write your most storytelling press release, courtesy of Forbes.

Reason #3: We see the end results

Hard work pays off, especially when you get to see the end result. Thanks to the internet, journalists are able to publish content they receive in a matter of minutes. This not only makes our job meaningful, but also exciting! It’s rewarding to see a bylined article we have been slaving over for weeks appear in a news outlet.

PR Daily’s article, 5 reasons why PR careers rock, expands on this and also lists a few more reasons why public relations is a such a cool career. Enjoy!