Spring Clean Your Social Media

Whether you use social media for business or pleasure, it’s easy for your accounts to get bogged down by notifications, spam and out-of-date information. In addition to tidying up your closet and dusting off your blinds, it’s a good idea to polish up your social media game this spring.

Reevaluate your social habits

If you’re running social channels for a business or perhaps you’re beginning to make it big as an influencer (or hoping to), now is the time to reassess the tools you’re using to schedule, post and receive analytics. Consider Later, HeyOrca or HootSuite. These tools allow you to schedule posts and check your analytics at any time for a low or reasonable price.

Additionally, it’s important to reflect on your current engagement patterns to determine what content your audience most enjoys. If your audience doesn’t respond to long-winded captions, shorten them. If you aren’t getting enough engagement, do some polls. Give the people what they want while staying true to you and your brand.

When tracking these trends, pay attention to what times of day and days of the week your followers are most likely to engage. Depending on your audience and social platform of choice, this can vary. According to Sprout Social, the best time to post on Facebook and Instagram is Wednesday morning between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Refresh your profile

On Instagram specifically, make sure that you’re utilizing all of its features such as stories and story highlights. Story highlights allow you to keep your stories on your profile and categorize them however you please to keep garnering media impressions when followers visit your page. If you’ve already been using story highlights, take time to go through them and delete those that are out-of-date or no longer relevant.

It’s likely that your profile needs a bit of a facelift, and there’s way more to it than just your feed. When was the last time you updated your bio on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn? If the answer is more than a few months, it’s time to switch it up! Having an up-to-date bio on all platforms is crucial to your brand identity. Also, consider changing up your profile picture. Not only does it give you a fresh new look, but it grabs attention from followers who might not have visited your profile in a while.

The last step is a feed refresh. If you like your theme, keep it, otherwise, change it up! A new theme, such as a coordinating color scheme or post patterns mixing graphics and photos, can do wonders to rework your personal brand or business identity.

Capitalize on your connections

Now is the time to Marie Kondo your friends list! If you’re following inactive accounts or profiles that are no longer relevant to you or your business (or don’t spark joy), hit that unfollow button unapologetically!

Because notifications can get chaotic, it’s easy to miss a new follower here and there. To ensure you don’t let good networking opportunities pass you by, go through your list of followers and see if there are any good connections you might have missed.

Decluttering your profiles is a simple and therapeutic way to audit yourself and ensure that you’re optimizing social media as best you can.